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Stealth Mamba

The Stealth Mamba is a fashionable wrist wrap made from genuine black leather and accented with an exquisite Tibetan Silver colored stainless steel snap clasp. This elegant yet edgy affect twines securely around the wrist as a distinguishing piece suitably complementing any item in our stealth collections. WARNING: This item is dangerously attractive!!!  ≤ ✖ | ✖ ≥ STEALTH STYLE FASHION VENOM
Type: Bracelet
Style: Fashion / Vintage
Shape: Geometric
Pattern: Solid
Band: Genuine Leather
Metal: Stainless Steel
Clasp: Easy-Hook
Color: Stealth Black / Tibetan Silver
Length: 200mm
Width: 7mm
Weight: 21g
Care Instructions: »
– Clean w/ Soft Cloth
– Avoid Chemicals
– Avoid Friction
– Avoid Wear when Sweating or Bathing
– Remove while Sleeping
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