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Black Diamondback

Stealth Black
Belt Length
The Black Diamondback name draws its inspiration from the buckle's sharp and well-defined diamond patterns resembling those found covering the venomous Diamondback rattlesnake. High-grade alloy, a durable anti-corrosive is used for the well designed buckle. Made of 100% genuine cow leather with visible full-grain texture, this stealthy belt is fashionably dangerous! ♦ ♢ ♦ ♢ ♦ SIMPLE SMOOTH SLEEK!
GENUINE LEATHER – Yep, stamped right on the belt!
CUSTOM FIT - Remove the buckle, cut to size for tailored look.
NO MORE HOLES - 38 unique adjustments for a custom fit.
EASY USE - Simply slide the belt through and the buckle auto locks. To release, gently push the side lever until the lock snaps.
MAX DURABILITY - Quality genuine leather complemented by a scratch-resistant buckle designed with class and made to last.
NO CRACKS – No holes so far less likely to crack under stress.
ALWAYS FITS – Whether gaining a few pounds during the holidays or losing them for New Year's, with just a few quick clicks comfort is always within reach.
EASY ON EASY OFF – The release lever is intuitive, quick, and smooth. You’ll love the convenience for everyday use, traveling through airport security, or you know...when ya just gotta go!
Type: Belt
Style: Formal / Fashion
Pattern: Solid
Belt: 100% Genuine Cow Skin Leather
Buckle: Metal Alloy
Buckle Width: 4.9cm
Buckle Length: 7.8cm
Belt Width: 3.5cm
Belt Length: Varies
Color: Stealth Black
Since everyone has a different waist girth, we recommend buying a larger size. If the strap is too long, simply shorten by cutting to fit. Please contact us with any questions you have, we're glad to help!
*NOTICE: » Please check sizing chart for proper fitting
S 33 110
M 34-35 115
L 36-38 120
XL 39-40 125
XXL 41-43 130
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