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Stealth RFID Shield

The Stealth RFID Shield is a simple yet secure way to protect important credit, debit, and data cards from identity theft! Can you imagine? Your card information is copied in a public location such as a subway, restaurant, taxi, airport, etc. The next day you discover your bank account drained and credit cards maxed to the hilt! Are you concerned about the potential threat of bad actors illegally collecting your personal data and card information? Maybe you've experienced this nightmare scenario in the past. Either way, it's imperative you take steps to protect yourself in this connected world. We've got you covered with a sleek, portable solution designed to shield your private data. STEALTH SECURITY RAZOR THIN
The Stealth RFID Shield is: »
– Designed to block unwarranted RFID scanners.
– Protects your ID, banking information, smart cards, etc.
– Capacity for up to 6-8 credit cards.
– Convenient, light weight, compact, easy to carry.
– Durable, sturdy, built to last.
– Made of quality stainless steel.
– Modern / minimalist / accordion design.
Type: Card / ID Holder
Style: Business / Tech
Shape: Pillow
Pattern: Solid
Material: Metallic
Metal: Stainless Steel
Lining: Metallic
Closure: Hasp
Features: Compartment / Business Card Holder
Color: Black
Length: 9.6cm
Width: 6.5cm
Height: 1cm
Weight: 0.08kg
Dimensions: 9.6cm x 6.5cm x 1cm
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